Indie Publishing.

I’m contemplating doing something I would have considered an admission of failure not so very long ago – that is, publishing directly online (via Smashwords). Indie publishing is how they describe it. I’ve written my interview (though not yet published it), come up with a (simple) cover, and have almost finished preparing the manuscript for the charmlessly named Meatgrinder, the software process that takes a Word document and turns it into various ebook formats for distribution. I’m really rather enjoying the process.

I’ve designed the cover myself, and kept it simple (you might say it shows). Not sure if one needs a precise pixel count when it comes to height and width. I’ll have to read – re-read again if you follow my drift – the Smashwords style guide. Seriously, you do need to read it thoroughly – short-cutting will just cause you pain. If you’re going to use an image/photo for your book cover, don’t just download an image from the internet and assume it’s okay to use it (no matter how commonplace or generic it seems). You might find yourself being sued later, usually at the point when you’ve become successful enough to make it worth doing. Use one of your own, or edit one that’s free of copyright; creative commons, I believe it’s called.

Anyway, I want to reach the point where I’m ready to push the button, and then stand over it, finger poised…


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Writer, Test Analyst, born in Scotland half a century ago - now living in England with my partner and cat.

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