An Individual Will.

AIWCover2Well, I’ve taken the plunge, pushed the button, and effectively given up on the traditional publishing route. My novel, after much formatting (to meet the requirements of the unattractively named Meatgrinder software) has been published via, or on, Smashwords, and can be found here:; and here:

I confess I’m struggling to get to grips with Twitter. I had a young chap explain hashtags to me recently, but we weren’t able to post links to the very #hashtag of the site where I’d published my novel, which seems odd. Then again, I have a less than perfect understanding of what I’m doing web-presence-wise. I was unable to put the image of of my book in the side widget of this blog. The URL to the image disappears when I hit Save. Assume I’m doing something wrong.

I’ll try again later, and persevere with Twitter, though I do find it tiresome. One can spend more time social networking than actually writing, though perhaps it becomes straightforward and rather less time-consuming when one gets used to it. It’s an odd thing, though. Lots of voices engaged in the business of thinking up ever more inventive ways to to be heard above the crowd. Easy in the engagement of this, I shouldn’t wonder, to lose track of why one wanted to be heard in the first place. Always assuming there is a reason. Perhaps it’s just a baby crying – no more complicated than that. One wants to be heard because one is here, and not being heard is being ignored. How awful the boiling down is.

Here I am, then, with my hand up, hoping you’ll pick me.


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Writer, Test Analyst, born in Scotland half a century ago - now living in England with my partner and cat.

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