A fifty-one-year-old Test Analyst, who wrote a detective novel he thought was pretty good (had artistic merit, said something about the human condition, was elegantly expressed, all that) until the rejections started coming.  Of course you only have to be accepted once, but I’m starting to believe that the majority of agents doubt (or would doubt) its marketability – probably because of its philosophical bleakness – and that rejection is likely to become the norm, if it hasn’t already done so.

I also worry that, in an age of social media and electronic books, the “submitting to an agent” approach might be passé and so last last century.  Does anyone know what’s good any more, or are we now entirely adrift in an age where success is its own justification? I know we’re in trouble, treading water in a sea of populist trash, but I want to believe we haven’t irrevocably lost sight of the shore.


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  1. Have just read this web page now – probably should have put my Comment here, but I ended up putting it under Lollipop Stick, which might be the wrong place. Sorry! Holly X


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